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Fort Lauderdale Yacht Maintenance & Management Companies

Dimitris Tsapis
June 1, 2022
Visiting Miami on a luxury vessel? Read this article to discover the top 5 Fort Lauderdale yacht maintenance companies and their contact details.

Fort Lauderdale is often dubbed as the “yachting capital of the world”. With more than 50,000 yachts and 130,000+ industry professionals, the coastal city is the definition of boat-friendly. It has great climate year-round, ideal sailing conditions, a whole lot to explore, and more than 300 miles of inland waterways.

If you happen to be visiting Fort Lauderdale anytime soon, some planning is certainly required. The numerous demands of a yacht will often require the assistance of qualified specialists.

If you are looking for reliable companies to help you manage the diverse needs of your vessel, then this guide is for you. After reading this post, you will know who to reach out to when you find yourself in one of Florida's most popular yachting hubs.


Fort Lauderdale Yacht maintenance - Top 5 companies

The following list of companies are primarily focused on yacht management . That said, enquiring for their services provides a better overview than the short introduction offered below. 

Wright Maritime

Yacht maintenance ft lauderdale fl
Wright Maritime

Wright Maritime is primarily focused with new yacht construction but is also a global leader in large yacht management. From day-to-day tasks to long-term planning, the company assists with every aspect of a vessel’s ownership and operational needs. Their focus points include financial management, business operations, crew-related support, as well as technical and logistic assistance.

The company takes a client-centric approach. Due to the unique demands of each vessel, Wright Maritime invests heavily in the development and performance of their team. 40+ professionals undergo regular training that helps them provide better service, improve their skillset, and stay ahead of industry changes.

Bluewater Yachting

fort lauderdale yacht maintenance

Bluewater’s global presence spans across 8 locations. Established in 1999, the company offers yacht management services to a large variety of luxury vessels. Due to the specific requirements of each yacht, they works on a per-case-basis, offering customized package deals after an initial consultation.

Among the “building blocks” of these packages, Bluewater offers operational, technical, and financial support. Additionally, they are partnered with an MLC-certified employment agency, which provides crew management and payroll services.

As of the time of this writing, the Fort Lauderdale offices are primarily engaged with crew placement and training. Judging from their global presence, a dedicated Miami yacht maintenance office could also be established soon.

Moran Yacht & Ship

fort lauderdale yacht management
Moran Yacht & Ship
  • Call: +1 (954) 951 9236
  • Email: Contact form
  • Home base: Fort Lauderdale

Moral Yacht & Ship is an ISM-Certified company which offers shore-based superyacht management services. From 24/7 operational support and financial management, to complex maintenance tasks, the team offers a wide range of services that are best discussed through a private enquiry. 

Every request is handled by veteran captains, engineers, and project managers who form the core team of Moran Yachts. Their collective experience is reflected in their quality of their work, which is customized for every boat they work with.

Yacht Management South Florida Inc.

yacht management florida
Yacht Management South Florida

Yacht management South Florida offers very large number of services that range from simple repairs to the all-in-one yacht management. The array of services is divided in two categories: 

  • Full-service boatyard for repairs, refits, haul outs, electronics, and engine service
  • Dockside Yacht Care, which is primarily concerned with maintenance scheduling, trip planning, accounting, and staff management. 

The company also offers the possibility of complete yacht management which is adjusted to the needs of each vessel, allowing for a better experience for the owner and their guests.

Kitson Yachts - Miami yacht management

Kitson yachts
Kitson Yachts

Kitson Yachts is a family office that provides yacht brokerage services, as well as management services across Miami. The company works both onshore and offshore, acting as both a guardian and concierge of select, luxury vessels.

The management component includes a wide array of services, including technical assistance, crew placement, insurance, and financial support. Kitson also handles the registration of new vessels, including advice on selecting the right flag state.

Yacht Maintenance Fort Lauderdale - Using a PMS system

planned maintenance system Fort lauderdale

PMS, or Planned Maintenance Systems, are software tools that improve the maintenance and management of luxury yachts. Apps like PlanM8 create a tight and better organized overview of the maintenance schedule, spanning across multiple timeframes. This offers many benefits for captains, owners, and management companies alike:

  • Managers get a top-level display of their vessel and all maintenance tasks. This entails important documents, lists of inventory items, and tasks related to the condition and operation of the yacht.
  • Captain and crew can access all manuals in a digital manner, keeping everything in one place. This makes paperwork related to specific tasks easily accessible while improving cross-departmental communication.
  • Since PMS systems are primarily accessed through mobile applications, maintenance teams can add notes and comments in real time. This creates a better overview for follow-up tasks, and improves tracking of unexpected issues between shift workers.
  • By using PlanM8 or any other PMS, crew transitions become easier. This makes the process less complicated for the manager while it also automates a lot of otherwise timely tasks.
  • PMS system export reports across different timeframes to provide a clear overview regarding the status of tasks. This includes weekly, monthly, and annual reports which managers use to better manage the crew or inform the owner.
  • Managers can access important data related to usage and components. This helps them better navigate project planning, while staying up to date with their refit and warranty plan.

Do you offer yacht management services in Fort Lauderdale?

Ft Lauderdale yacht management services are increasing in demand, as travel bans are being lifted across the globe. If you’re involved with yacht maintenance in Miami, or are part of a company that handles management of luxury vessels, PMS systems should be part of your toolkit. Contact us to learn more about PlanM8 and see what our app can do for you.

Wrapping up

This short post gave a short introduction to 5 reliable yacht maintenance companies in Ft Lauderdale FL. Make sure you also check our guide on Mallorca, and keep in mind that many maintenance tasks could be avoided with a better crew collaboration and proper planning. This is where a strong PMS system like PlanM8 comes in. As we wrap up this post, make sure you bookmark this post, as we plan to update our list regularly.