Boat Maintenance Log

A new feature has been released this week: A complete history of your yacht's maintenance. Systems can be filtered for individual or group viewing or the entire maintenance log can be viewed in its entirety.

A complete history of your boat

While Plan M8 was always collecting a detailed log of all your planned and unplanned maintenance, the history was only accessible through the individual component history TABs.  With the new plan mate release 0.0.43 we not only have a dedicated history TAB containing all of your planned and unplanned maintenance but also included is any planned or UPM regarding warranty works or vessel modifications & upgrades.

The yachts maintenance log is chronologically descending, simply scroll through to view information related to the history of your vessel. The maintenance can also be filtered by system. Say you were interested only in specifics such as the Generator maintenance; simply deselect all and selectGenerators. From here simply click on a completed task for more details.

Attached Notes / Images / Documents to maintenance tasks?

If you have made notes, attached images or documents to the maintenance tasks (planned or unplanned), you will see the “attachments” symbol next to the maintenance type.  This indicates there is additional information included with this periodic task or UPM.  Simply click on the title to view the information in more detail.

Simply click on thetitle to view the uploaded information in more detail :

Where to find the log

Simply go onto the boat & settings tab and click on Boat History

What are the benefits of a structured maintenance log (PMS)?

  • Peace of mind during operation and safety for those aboard during use.
  • Crew changes mean valuable information can leave with departing crew, a structured PMS requires daily or weekly input meaning information stays with the vessel throughout their employment and makes for more efficient handovers.
  • Contractor works are logged in the boat maintenance history and easily identified if a dispute arises.  
  • Proper records are kept as all maintenance is logged, costs are reduced from over engineering and spares can be ordered ahead of time as all maintenance is planned.
  • Recorded service schedules and maintenance, manufacturer specific or recommended by qualified engineers/crew give confidence to potential buyers and brokerages. Enhancing the value of your vessel.
  • Reduces the signs of neglect.
  • When the engineer changes the history is passed on to the next crew member and maintenance is not done twice, but also not forgotten
  • To maintain the value of a boat it is crucial to have a proper log of the boat's history
  • Proof of work for the engineer or captain

Outlook: Upcoming features in your boat history

While you can already filter by component, you might also be interested in a full overview of all warranty claims or breakdowns, or maybe the modifications done on your vessel. Is this something you are looking for? Just let us know, then we will prioritise this feature for you.