Boat Maintenance Log

A new feature has been released this week: A full history view of your boat. It can be filtered by boat system.

A complete history of your boat

While Plan M8 was always collecting a log of all your planned and unplanned maintenance, there was no easy way to visualise the history of the full boat. You had to go into the history tab of each individual vessel component to see what has been done. This is now a story of the past. With the new plan mate release 0.0.43 we have enabled not only full breakdown, modification and warranty claim history, but also a history of all planned and unplanned maintenance of your boat in a complete boat history view!

The boat maintenance log It is chronologically descending, just scroll through to get all historic information of your vessel. You can also filter by system, if for example you only want to see the maintenance and breakdowns of the main engine & gear boxes.

Have you taken any note with the maintenance task?

If you have taken a note or attached an image or document to the maintenance task (planned or unplanned), you will see a little symbol next to the history item, which indicates that there is more information to be found when clicking on the item

Just click the history item and you will see all details:

Where to find the log

Just go onto the boat & settings tab and click on Boat History

Why is it important to have a maintenance log?

  • When the engineer changes the history is passed on to the next crew member and maintenance is not done twice, but also not forgotten
  • To maintain the value of a boat it is crucial to have a proper log of the boat's history
  • Proof of work for the engineer or captain

Outlook: Upcoming features in your boat history

While you can already filter by component, you might also be interested in a full overview of all warranty claims or breakdowns, or maybe the modifications done on your vessel. Is this something you are looking for? Just let us know, then we will prioritise this feature for you.