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Yacht Maintenance Mallorca - 5 Management Companies to Consider

Chris Bolz (Co-Founder)
June 4, 2022
Discussing Yacht Maintenance Mallorca. This article provides overview of the best yacht maintenance and management companies located in Mallorca.

Mallorca is one of Europe’s top yachting hubs. It houses 3,000+ yachts and over 15,000 crew members spread across ±50 marinas.

Factors for its popularity include its easy connectivity to major European cities, favorable climate, and wide support network. In fact, with over 180 companies, Palma has the nation’s highest number of businesses dedicated to the boating industry.

Thanks to the recent growth in the global yachting sector, the interest in the small Mediterranean island continues to grow. With it, demand for yacht maintenance in Mallorca increases as well. 

In this article, we review a list of 5 yacht management companies based in Mallorca which incorporate technology and PMS systems in their maintenance processes. These should help owners and crew services with fiscal, organizational, and financial management.


Yacht maintenance Mallorca - Top 5 companies

The following list of companies is not just for Mallorca yacht maintenance. Each option has a different focus point and the final choice depends on your needs. Therefore, they are all good to keep in mind.

Baxter Marine - Boutique Maintenance

baxter mallorca
Baxter Marine

Baxter Marine has been around since 1994 and is one of the most established yachting companies in Palma. It represents established brands such as Pearl, Pardo, and Nimbus. Their team of 15+ professionals shares a combined 50+ years of experience in the industry.

The company is primarily focused on yacht brokerage. However, and with the help of PlanM8, Baxter also operates one of the largest guardianage yacht management companies on the island, with vessels between 15-30 meters in operational management. Additionally, the company owns and operates over 50 berths in Mallorca, between Puerto Portals and Port Adriano.

“We, Baxter Marine, with 26 years of experience in the Marine sector in Mallorca, have been sourcing an application to aid our maintenance department for a few years. Up until recently with little success. Albeit that there are options out there, we just couldn't connect with one that provided what we needed; alarm reminders, multi person access with various accessibility, on the ground support as well as rapid reaction support to help cater for our needs. Chris and the PlanM8 team have opened a door for us. I can see my job - personally -  becoming a lot easier for me to manage with our fleet in Mallorca of 6 vessels under warranty at this moment."

Invisible Crew - Yacht crew placement

invisiblecrew mallorca

Invisible Crew is a unique company that any yacht owner should know about. The company offers management solutions by placing highly qualified crew members onboard (super)yachts. After placing the crew, they proceed by providing training, soft skills, and logistical support. In other words, they are a one-stop shop for owners in need of yacht crew agencies in Mallorca.

The company has positioned itself as one of the market leaders in crew management. They do this by focusing on top-tier sailing and motor yachts in the 15-25 meter range. The demand for this niche has been growing rapidly, and brands that rely on the company’s services include CNB, Lagoon, Solaris, and Sunseeker, among others.

Swisspath Yachting - Full-service management & guardianage

swisspath mallorca

Despite being a young company, Swisspath Yachting is one of the most renowned full-service yacht management companies in Europe. It’s led by 7 experienced industry veterans who focus on operational, project, and charter management of 25-60 meter (super)yachts.

Swisspath Yachting is a division of the €4 billion AUM Swiss multi-family office Swisspath Group. The office holds an established reputation in consulting, capital advisory, aviation, and health sectors.

Their guardianage division focuses on multi-vessel management offering operational services, crew sourcing, logistical assistance, and financial solutions. Due to the plethora of services, we recommend contacting their specialists for a better assessment of your vessel’s needs.

Argo Yachting - Innovative service provider

argo yachting mallorca
Argo Yachting

Argo Yachting was founded in 2018 and is the sister brand of Princess Yachts. It operates as a dedicated brokerage and after-sales platform for related brands, including Sunseeker, Fairline, Chris-Craft, Saxdor, Pardo, and others. 

The company has built a market-leading platform for system services, cosmetics, concierge, and logistics for vessels ranging from 10-25 meters.

To better serve its customers, Argo Yachting offers all-inclusive packages targeted primarily at owner-operators. Additional services include yacht finance, insurance, and winterization, which are available at any of their 6 service centers across Europe.

Master Yachts - Full-service superyacht management Mallorca

masteryachts mallorca

Founded in 2002, Master Yachts is one of the largest and most established full-service yacht management companies globally. The Mallorca-based company focuses on solutions in operational management, project management, refit consulting, and new construction.

 The team of Master Yachts consists of over 30 former captains, experienced project managers, engineers, and other industry veterans. Their expertise is best oriented towards 30-100+ meters superyachts, having completed projects with Feadship, Turquise Yachts, Lurssen, and Amels.

Boat maintenance Mallorca - Using a PMS system

yacht maintenance Mallorca

A planned maintenance system like PlanM8 helps the crew keep a controlled and documented maintenance schedule. Doing so offers many advantages for managers, captains, and owners alike:

  • Managers get a clear overview of the fleet and a detailed maintenance schedule for each vessel. These include tasks related to the yacht’s condition, inventory checklists, and documentation tracking.
  • Digitalization of hard manuals allows for a paperless bridge, driving sustainability and practical usage for captains and crew. It also provides the manager with a more organized overview of the vessel’s maintenance schedule, with detailed insights.
  • PMS systems are mainly accessed through mobile-based apps. This enables engineers and crew to input all relevant information immediately after completing a task. 
  • Notes on completed tasks include time spent on each component, and placing notes to ensure better tracking between rounds. The ability to provide this added input increases transparency between management and crew. 
  • Having a central PMS in place allows for easier crew transitions, saving time and complexity for the manager.
  • The system automatically generates weekly, monthly, and annual reports with a clear overview of completed, ongoing, and pending tasks. These can be used by the managers, who in turn update the owners.
  • The system provides insight into usage and component data. This is useful for managers during refit and warranty programs as well as project management.
  • Many PMS systems (PlanM8 included) can also function offline, assisting the crew in any location and weather condition.

Does your company provide yacht management in Mallorca?

Demand for yacht maintenance in Mallorca keeps on growing! Do you provide yacht management services or are directly involved in the maintenance of vessels? If so, you might benefit from a reliable PMS system. To learn more about PlanM8 or become a partner, feel free to contact us

Wrapping up

Are you still searching for potential berths in Mallorca? Or are you already here? Whatever the case may be, you should now know what to look for when it comes to Mallorca yacht management.

Remember that Palma de Mallorca marinas are a hotspot for skippers who might be able to give you advice too. As such, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in this list, make sure you ask around. Whether you’re looking to offer some yacht jobs in Palma de Mallorca or are simply in need of some vessel-related assistance, this list should be a good place to start.