Once you have signed up for Plan M8, you will probably want to set up your own yacht and create a maintenance plan. One way to do so, is to copy components from a similar yacht and just modify them accordingly. So let's get started. If you haven't done it already during sign up, create your own yacht. You can do this on the Setting Tab under the Create Yacht.

Create new yacht button

In the next step you give your yacht a name and enter brand, model and length.

Create yacht form

If you now switch to the components tab it is quite empty. So to make the start a bit easier let's look at a demo boat of similar characteristics. Follow this link to invite yourself to a demo boat: Choose-Boat

Invite yacht page on planm8.io web

Enter your email address, select a yacht that is similar to your own yacht and click the "Choose a boat" button. Now you are invited to a demo boat. You can see it back in the Plan M8 settings tab:

Swicht between yachts

Be careful to always select the correct boat you want to work on when you open the app. You can now open the 17m Blue ocean cruiser and have a look at the component list and tasks that are created for this yacht. Something similar you want to do for your yacht. So go back to the settings and select your yacht. Go to the components list and select "Copy from library":

Copy/create components from componets tab

Now start typing the component you want to add, like "engine" for example:

Copy component process, step 1

Now just select the component you want to copy from the demo boat and start adopting it to your particular yacht:

Copy component porcess, step 2

In the next step you can update the tasks that are already created for the demo boat and adopt them to your needs. Refer to the manuals to get the correct maintenance intervals.

This way you can create your own yacht based on components from a similar yacht.

Of course this will take some time. You can also decide to copy the whole demo yacht or some other similar yacht and adopt it accordingly. Just get in touch with us, we'll help you to find the right template to make the work as easy as possible.

Another option is to contract a Plan M8 engineer to make the initial setup for you. This can be done either remotely, if you send use the required documentation, or we come to your yacht.

Let us know if this article helps you to get started.