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Can i have more than one boat on the app?

Yes, you can have as many boats as you like.  Each boat is assigned its own unique subscription I.D. and you can easily switch between boats from the profile page within the application

How long is my free trial?

The 15-day free trial starts after you create your boat or choose a demo vessel.You will be contacted during the process regarding subscription plans and updates with your trial, which can in some cases be extended if discussed with the team.

Do I need to buy an installation package for my boat?

Not necessarily – you can buy your subscription and create your own component/task list without any help from our team. Our application is totally independent.

How does the installation process work?

It’s a simple 4-step process:

  • We create a remote skeleton set-up with the yacht specifications and other technical documentation provided by the shipyard/owner/crew
  • We send our engineers to the vessel to manually add each component to the App.  These components are accompanied by model and serial numbers as well as any required description.  Location photos are added as well as any detailed photos such as identification plaques, along with the required operator or service manuals. 
  • Tasks are assigned to components, they may be manufacturer specific, derived through experience or a yachts geographical location.  Vessel frequency of use will also play a role.  
  • Our engineers complete the installation and the handover process with the users.  A review is arranged for 2-3 months following the completion of the installation.

How long does the installation process take?

Dependent on size and type of vessel, as well as the level of set-up the user requires before crew may feel comfortable to taking over. Our set-ups range from 14 hours for a 20m vessel right up to 50+ working hours for a 40m vessel. 

Does my card automatically get charged after my free-trial ends?

No – each vessel is unique and so we treat each set-up individually. You will be notified prior to your trial termination, and our team will be in touch about relating costs and payment structures.

Can I access PlanM8 remotely?

Yes – you can add users and guests to either edit or view the vessel remotely.

Does PlanM8 work offline?

Yes, the application caches all images and files that the user previews, making them available offline. You can also increase the offline capabilities by activating the full-offline function that retrieves all your yacht's assets to make them accessible when you have no internet connection, very useful when you are in port or offshore.

Who can I call if I have issues or questions?

One of our engineers is always available in case of issues or questions. We also assist users during handover transitions in case of a new owners, managers, or crew.

Is Plan M8 application-based only?

No – while the system is app-based for mobile usage, users can access their vessel through their tablet or their computer via web.

How comprehensive is the set-up?

As comprehensive as the user wants – our system is fully adaptable to any size and type.

When is a good time to install Plan M8?

Anytime, though the earlier the installation, the more comprehensive the maintenance records over time. This is especially important during warranty periods where recording maintenance is essential in the case of claims.  

Do I cancel my subscription if my boat sells?

The subscription can be cancelled or transferred to the new owner/management/team, something really interesting for the new buyer because it is easier for him to understand and trust the seller.

Can I transfer all existing data to Plan M8?

Our engineers can assist with the data transfer during the installation process, whether it is a different system, an excel sheet, or paper documentation.