An innovative approach to yacht maintenance

Designed for Marine Engineers, Captains, Management Companies and Owner-Operators

Improves reliability, saves time,
and creates transparency.

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Improves reliability...

  • Implementing a structured planned maintenance schedule such as Plan M8 not only ensures your equipment and machinery on board is maintained through continuous monitoring at all times, It assures all your yachts maintenance is planned.
    You will see a reduction in downtime and the need for emergency repairs as equipment is maintained before it fails.  Operating costs are reduced as optimum service life is given to components, minimising the frequency of breakdowns assuring you as the operator "peace of mind" knowing your yachts reliability and safety is at it's maximum.

Plan ahead of time...

  • Plan M8 provides a comprehensive and structured task-based scheduling of all required, recommended and manufacturer specific planned maintenance tasks of a vessel's components.  Plan your maintenance ahead of time, pre-order spares and never miss a component with our pre-generated templates for your vessel, large and small, sail or power.
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Create transparency...

  • As you continue to use Plan M8, a detailed log of all completed tasks will build up a maintenance history of your vessel. Proper records will be kept that can be easily passed onto new crew, contractors, surveyors, and prospective buyers. Get more transparency about your yacht maintenance status with all involved through our easy-to-use application; your "Plan Mate".
  • Improve your communication between Owners, Captains and crew
    Lower insurance premiums, value retention and facilitation of sales.

All the necessary information at your fingertips...

  • Notes and photos, contractor invoices, warranty documents component manuals, everything you need to know in order to competently maintain your yacht to the highest possible standard is always available, even when you are offline.

    Categorize your yachts component library with our comprehensive system templates

    Add model numbers, manufacturer details, descriptions, location and detailed photos, maintenance and operator manuals for all of your yachts on board components.

    Create manufacture specific periodic tasks for all system components, reminders for annual engine oil analysis or weekly Watermaker water flushing. Trigger your periodic tasks by frequency hourly based meters and keep your yacht maintenance current.

    Use your own knowledge to customize tasks based on your personal hands on experience or familiarity with particular cruising grounds. Create snag or job lists, outstanding warranty items, crew certification expiry reminders, , Possibilities are endless with PlanM8's unique customization abilities.

    Plan your daily tasks with our simple calendar view. Complete them in confidence attaching notes, pictures or videos for future reference. Prolong tasks when not in use during haul-outs or winter periods.
Yacht components in Plan M8 App

Main Features

his site is an astonishing app for captains and crews. It goes beyond expectations in helping maintain equipment and ensuring thorough checks. Having worked on many boats, I highly recommend this platform. Congratulations on a wonderful venture!

Nicole-Bailey, Staats Canada

PlanM8 was a life saver when I joined Aenea - CNB 76. It provided a clear guide for maintaining the boat, allowing me to resolve issues quickly. It's a must-have for owners, especially during crew changes. The system's history and notes ensure a smooth handover, providing peace of mind to the new Captain and owner.

George, Captain CNB 76

After years of searching for a suitable maintenance application, Baxter Marine finally found the perfect solution in PlanM8. It provides alarm reminders, multi-person access, on-the-ground support, and rapid reaction support. Chris and the PlanM8 team have made our job easier. We've installed PlanM8 on multiple vessels and are impressed with its potential and Chris' expertise. We highly recommend PlanM8 to any vessel management team

Matthew Sage, Maintenance Manager Baxter Marine

Plan M8 has transformed the maintenance of my day boat. It simplified the management process, resulting in reduced workload, lower maintenance costs, and improved reliability. I highly recommend it to owners and captains looking to streamline their boating experience.

Dr. Georg Landsberg, 16-meter Motor Yacht

After a decade of searching, I finally found the perfect software application in PlanM8. It is relevant to my niche of 15m to 30m yachts and has received positive feedback from my crews and owners. The pricing is attractive, and the continuous improvement based on feedback is commendable. I'm excited about upcoming features like the PDF maintenance book and history calendar. This app is a no-brainer for owners with professional crews and will be highly recommended to my clients and contacts. Looking forward to a long-standing work relationship.

Jens Oomes, Invisible Crew