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25+ Best Yachting Blogs & Websites to Stay up to Date

Dimitris Tsapis
June 7, 2022
This article introduces the 29 best (digital) publications, websites, forums, and news portals related to the yachting industry. Click to read more.

Whether you are a captain, engineer, or yacht owner, staying up to date with industry news and improving your skillset is very important. It might be a good idea to surround yourself with like-minded people you can learn from, even if this happens through the perks of today’s technology.

In both cases, the best way to do this is by building a database of the best yachting blogs, websites, and forums. And this is exactly why we wrote this article. 

Over the next few chapters, we briefly introduce some of the most trusted yachting resources, compiled in an article that you can bookmark for future reference. Let’s delve in!


Best yachting websites & digital magazines

The following publications are well known across the yachting industry, with several of them being digital alternatives to popular print magazines. 

1. Superyacht News

best yachting blogs

Superyacht News is a publication that covers everything related to business, tech, ownership, design, and management of luxury vessels. Known as one of the best superyacht websites, it keeps readers up to date with everything related to the industry, while also publishing print magazines.

2. Yachting Monthly

best yachting websites

Being one of the top yacht websites, Yachting Monthly is one of the most popular boating publications in the UK. The digital publication discusses yacht news, races, boat, and equipment reviews, as well as the skills you need to become a master sailor.

3. Genesis Luxury Interiors

top yachting blogs

A somewhat inactive yet very resourceful website, Genesis Interiors is the best yachting publication for those who want to learn more about (luxury) interior design for their vessel. It is thus a somewhat “niched” website focused on superyacht owners with a keen interest in interior decoration. 

4. Yachting Pages

top yachting websites

Yachting Pages is the most popular directory of the industry and is often seen as a participant or sponsor of boating events. The website is used by people who wish to find a particular service, product, or event related to the yachting industry, in their location.

5. SuperYacht Times

best yachting forums

The SuperYacht Times is a digital publication that features interviews with the most influential personas of the industry, information on vessels, as well as boat shows. The website also has a video section that further delves into the discussed topics, giving a rich overview.

 6. Luxuo Yacht Archives

top yachting forums

Luxuo is a website that covers multiple industries linked with luxury products and lifestyles. Among them, we also find yachting, with news mainly concerning reviews of superyachts, as well as lists posts covering everything from boats to equipment. While it may not be the best yachting blog on this list, it is definitely one you should check out.

7. Yachts & Yachting UK

best superyacht blogs

Yachts & Yachting is more oriented towards performance sailing. The website presents the latest news in the racing scene accompanied by beautiful photos and inspiration from top performers. The website also has a value-packed newsletter that is sent out once per month.

8. Digital Yacht

best superyacht websites

Digital Yacht is one of the best yachting blogs for engineers as it delves into marine electronics and the progress of technology in the sector. Apart from being an educational resource, the website also has a dedicated e-commerce store with a wide range of products related to    electrical systems onboard.

9. Lovesail

best yachting blogs

Since we are covering all aspects of importance, we couldn’t leave out the dating scene. Lovesail is a website that brings together single and solo boating enthusiasts to create meetups, dating opportunities, and other types of events.

10. Boat International

best yacht magazines

Boat International is a globally recognized publication that delves into the industry’s latest news, yard updates, opinion pieces, and superyacht sales. There are enough subcategories to accommodate the needs of any boat enthusiast and the news section is always well-written and up to date.

11. OnboardOnline 

best yachting publications

OnboardOnline is a news portal that delves into the latest news, interviews and stories of the (super) yacht industry. The publication is not just a great publication to help you stay up to date, but also a resource for those looking to learn more about key industry players. 

12. Dockwalk

best sailing blogs

While Dockwalk is more commonly known for its monthly print edition, the digital publication has also grown in popularity. Among the useful resources, the website offers a blog section with entertaining content, a dedicated forum section, as well as a directory of industry-relevant companies and their contact details.

13. Boat Lyfe

best sailing websites

Boat Lyfe is a minimalistic-looking news portal with a separate forums section. Topics range from sailing and speedboats all the way to luxury superyachts, and there are many different categories to choose from.

14. Yacht Harbour

best boating blogs

Yacht Harbour is a news outlet and yacht brokerage featuring boats for sale and chartering. The news section of the website is also split into two distinct categories, namely “yacht news” and “brokerage news”. Therefore, one could say that it targeted mainly towards potential boat owners.

15. Galati Yachts

best boating websites

Galati is a US-based yacht brokerage company. Their website covers latest news, opinion articles, upcoming events, and boating advice. With more than 50 years of experience, Galati is now known as “one of the largest and most respected yacht brokerage companies in the world”.

16. SuperYacht World

best yachting newsletters

SuperYacht World is a global magazine for superyacht owners and luxury boating enthusiasts. The news section of the website has not been updated in a while, but still offers an archive with useful information that you can skim through aside from the print version.

17. CharterWorld

best blogs for boaters

While CharterWorld is not necessarily a blog or news portal, the website offers resourceful content to help yachting enthusiasts make more sense of the industry. Through a list of educational articles, their “Inspiration” and “Advice” sections are great resources for relative beginners.

18. Yacht Bible

yacht bible

Yacht Bible is a superyacht and luxury yacht directory featuring all the latest yachts and news in the industry. Yacht Bible features a wide selection of both yachts for sale and charter from all around the world.

Best yachting blogs & digital magazines

Yachting blogs are a little different than news portals, as they do not primarily focus on the latest news and updates. Instead, they are more oriented towards educational content, yachting advice and opinion pieces.

18. The Yacht Owner

best blogs for yacht enthusiasts

This blog is dedicated to owners and brokers of different types of yachts. According to its author and ship engineer Daniel Popescu, The Yacht Owner helps readers give better advice in the circles of their occupation, while also getting a better understanding of the things to look out for when buying a yacht. 

19. Heesen Yachts

best websites for boat enthusiasts

Heesen Yachts is a popular Dutch shipyard, building exceptional superyachts using timeless designs. While the website is primarily focused on building and selling custom vessels, their YachtTalk section hosts one of the best yachting podcasts. While not exactly the typical blog-type format, the website offers many gems to keep yachting enthusiasts up to date with the latest industry news.

20. Yachting World

yachting world online

The digital magazine of Yachting World offers value-packed and diverse content, similar to the popular print magazine, but does so through a subscription-based app. New subscribers get access to all previous editions of the magazine while you can also download issues to read them offline - ideal for long voyages.

21. Yacht Charter Blog

yacht charter blogs

Yacht Charter Blog features blog posts on private (super)yacht charters, interesting destinations, reviews on equipment and gadgets, as well as sustainable practices to follow. 

22. 212 Yachts

212 yachts

212 Yachts is primarily concerned with topics related to charting, rentals, and superyacht tender hire. Their blog offers local insights into beautiful destinations, seen through the eyes of charter experts, while also offering industry-relevant gems and knowledge.

23. YotSpot


If you are looking for more generic, informative content related to yacht work, YotSpot is a great blog to check out. Apart from its articles, the website is also known for YotSpot Connect, an app that helps yachting enthusiasts meet up and stay connected across their travels.

24. Danielis Yachting

danielis yachting

Wanna know what the weirdest superyachts look like? What about some interesting local attractions you should check out while visiting Europe? Danielis Yachting is a Croatia-based yacht charter service with a rich blog presence, hosting a diverse range of topics.

25. Silver Star Yachting 

best yachting blogs

Known as one of the best yachting blogs and with emphasis on luxury, Silver Star Yachting helps you understand how to properly charter a sailing or motor yacht. Here too, articles and blog posts are pretty diverse, and there are separate pages with info on popular destinations.

26. SuperYacht Crew Agency

superyacht crew agency

Superyacht Crew Agency helps luxury yachts handle their recruitment process. Their blog is a great resource for those looking to find work, improve your CV, hire a crew, learn from the experiences of others, or get training and certification updates for their role.

Yacht forums to consider

Finally, let us give you a small overview of the best yachting forums. These platforms will help you connect with like-minded individuals and discuss a broad range of industry-relevant topics. Forums are a great way to find some of the best yachting resources to help you learn about building, buying, selling, and even hiring for your vessel.

27. YachtForums

yacht forums

YachtForums is a very active platform that helps boating enthusiasts connect and learn from one another. Membership is free of charge and there are many different categories of topics, among which one can also find comprehensive reviews of luxury vessels.

28. Yachts and Yachting Forum

yachting forums

The Yachts and Yachting Forum is one of the most popular discussion platforms in the boating industry. With nearly 20.000 members, there are a plethora of topics to keep you busy and a large community to help you out with potential problems.

29. YBW Forums

ybw forums

With more than 480.000 monthly visitors, Yacht & Boating World is one of the best yachting blogs in the industry. Their forum has more than 160.000 members and is widely considered to be the best discussion board in the industry.